The BB8 project is developing an improved version of the beep baseball, which is used by visually impaired athletes to play the game of the same name. Our members are testing durable sleeves for electronic components within the baseball and a new speaker circuit with the end goal of making an easier to use and sturdier product.

Meet the team:

Screenshot 2021-09-28 235135

Orlando Sellers Design Lead

Screenshot 2021-09-28 234903

Kyleigh Dalkin Project Partner Liason


Karsten Hilgarth MOBI Financial Officer

Pranesh Monda

Pranesh Monda


Sarah Chalmers


Valerie Ellis


Isaac Cordts Communications Officer

Check out last semester's progress:

An oscilloscope showing NE555 timer square wave

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Team members developing an early version of the circuit for the speaker.

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An early prototype of a sleeve that contains a magnet that shuts off the speaker.

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An oscilloscope showing NE555 timer square wave

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Prototype Overview

Our current prototype design, depicted in a simplified form as it would be seen inside the baseball, consists of four separate electronic circuit boards (represented in green). Two are responsible for power distribution, one for managing the speaker (a.k.a. a piezoelectric speaker, labeled "piezo" in the diagram) and one for regulating wireless charging intake from the charging coil. These circuit boards are potted in a resin sleeve designed for durability and longevity. The ball is turned off by the placement of a strong magnet near the reed switch, which is potted separately near the baseball wall.